Friday, October 12, 2012

The Last 7 Days

Got into a car accident last Friday. We are fine.  Rear ended. $4,000 worth of damage.  Just me and Timmers in the car. He was THRILLED!  I spent much time on the phone to insurance, body shop, etc. We now get a Town & Country to drive around for a week.  Fully loaded.

Nathan was sent home with head lice on Monday. I washed and dried and shampooed and vacuumed my way to exhaustion over those little buggers.  Every time I felt a scratch I started the whole insane routine over again.

Yesterday I lost my voice due to a cold. I spent the day in bed. Without lice I hope.

Incredibly I have felt an enormous sense of peace about the last 7 days.  I mean I took it all in stride and just figured this is life and it is what it is.

A huge step of maturity for me. sniff  I am gettin all growed up!


erin said...

Love this. I had a similar experience last night as I vacuumed. It occurred to me that it doesn't matter what others think of my home...I'm providing for my family one load of laundry and one swipe of the vacuum at a time.
Thanks for sharing.

Keithslady said...

Here's to another spiritual/emotional milestone! Yeah!!

I'm sorry about the lice, we too are lice survivors. Sometimes I get a nagging, repressed fear that God is going to let the lice return just to make me really clean my house.