Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dear Younger Mom Friends

I once had four children under the age of 8.  I seriously on most days thought that I would never make it.  That I would lose my mind.  My life seemed so insane as the kids just did their thing and I tried to figure them out, and lead them like a sheperd mom of rabid feral cats. (James Dobson calls it "routine panic.")  I clearly remember watching the clock and when my husband came home throwing myself into his arms and sobbing.  I could never remember what I had done during a full day or think that what I had accomplished was much of an accomplishment.
Those years are behind me now.  I am not there. I am here. All four of my cherubs are now being socialized in public school. I miss them and can't wait to hear about their days spent away from me. Two in elementary school, one in middle school and one in high school. Wow. My work is not done though. My children need me more than ever to help navigate the path that God has them on.
When I ponder just how I did it only one thing comes to mind. One second, one minute, one hour at a time.  One bath, one diaper change, one nap, one bottle, one kiss, one hug at a time. And all of those moments turned into years.  And I miss them. Not everything about them. But most things.

You can do this mommies.  I am praying for you!!

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Karla with a K said...

Omigosh Carla - I am so with you here! My friend is having her fourth - her oldest is, hm, 2nd grade? Maybe first. I only kind of remember it. I work now, too. It's a lot! Oops - I work - outside the home, and for $$ now. Anyway, thanks for this. I only have 8 years till my youngest is college age. God has truly blessed us. I cherish every moment. And when you/they say "they need us more now than ever"... totally not kidding.
Better get some sleep now. Have 2 Halloween costumes to finish for tomorrow night. Hope I can finish.