Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oh the Joys

Nathan got a bump in the middle of his forehead last year.  The details of how he received it are rather sketchy at this point.  He seemed to be continually getting hit there and so it stayed.  This bump turned a bluish color and set up camp.  Nathan hated it. He ordered it to leave. We were referred to a plastic surgeon who suggested surgery to remove it.  Gillette Children's Hospital in St. Paul, MN is one of the most amazing places EVER! I felt like an intruder as everything is geared for smaller people.  This affair lasted all day even though surgery took 15 minutes. The good doctor came to talk to Patrick and I afterward and said, "I have done these types of surgeries at least 800 times and I have never seen anything like that. Not in a bad way."  So we wait.  We wait to see what pathology wants to call it.

Nathan is so happy!! He loved all of his nurses and remembered each name and has made plans to have surgery there again someday.  He keeps exclaiming as he rubs his forehead, "It is just so flat, Mom!!"

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