Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I am not well versed in the culinary arts.  If you have hung around here long enough you would know.  I have photos posted to prove it.
On last night's menu was meatloaf and squash.  I was told by my husband that the little squash can be hard to get open.  So I looked through an array of knives that might get the job done.  Paring?  Butcher?  Razory bread?  Steak?  Ginsu?  Good grief. I ended up using a butcher knife to get halfway through and another knife for resistance and cut my index finger.  Sliced. Tim helped me by yelling, "OH NO! NO WAY! NOT GOOD!"  And then he went to find Joshua. I wrapped the digit and kept cutting, I mean smashing the squash on the counter hoping just to break it open. Joshua came up and was instructed to make the meatloaf.  Throw that in and this and one of those and sprinkle that and set it in the oven!  Supper was delish, I am sporting some of Nathan's neon bandaids and a lesson was learned.
Next time we have squash I am going to set them in the street and run over them with my car.

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