Monday, July 02, 2012


I decided to buy a dress. Can't remember the last time I wore one actually.  But living on the edge does prompt me to do crazy things.

How to find footwear for aforementioned dress.
1.  Look for the perfect color flip flops to wear.
2.  Find the perfect color in size Bozo the Clown.
3.  Buy them anyway.  They are only $.98.
4.  Once home find a normal sized pair and an exacto knife.
5.  Trace the size you need on the heel end of flip flop.
6.  Hack away until the perfect size is achieved.
7.  Notice how rough the edges look.
8.  Notice the perfect fit.
9.  Rub rough edges on sidewalk to no avail.
10. Find a marker close enough to the color of the dress.
11. Color the roughness.
12. Realize too late at the pool party you used a water based marker.
13. Remain cheerful because nobody cares anyway.

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