Friday, June 29, 2012

Friendly Friends

Sorry.  I am running hither and yon and can't seem to catch a moment to have a chat.

I have told Joshua all of his life that he will be kind to others. Especially girls. He will be a loyal, trusted friend to them. And so he is.

Joshua's friend who is a girl asked if she could spend the day here at Camp Chaos. I said yes and then he cleaned for two whole days.  "Mom, I don't want her to know we live like pigs."
We had fun showing her around and the boys did their usual thing. Whatcha gon do?
Her impression?  She thinks I am nice. She thinks I am funny.  She likes the siblings. All of them. She thinks I am a good cook.(I boiled frozen tortellini and served it up hot) I like this girl!!!
Since the house is getting a little messy I am thinking of having her over again.

1 comment:

Karla with a K said...

I always love your punch lines.
And I laughed out loud at the "live like pigs" comment. So do we!