Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Sarah Beara is growing up.  Hard to face at times but she will be 12 next month.  Crazy.

She and I have had so many talks on things that females talk about.  I asked her the other day about what kind of purity ring she would like.  We searched online together and she found the perfect one for her!

We also are going to make plans to go away for a weekend and spend the time working through Passport to Purity.

Thank you Lord for my precious daughter. She is such a blessing!


erin said...

Made me cry.

Kara Jo said...

We're making plans to do Passport 2 Purity, too. They're growing up so darn fast!!!

Carla said...

Don't cry Erin. Sarah is growing in grace. :)

Crazy how that works!! Seems like yesterday we were trying to get pregnant with our 2nd!!

Carla said...

Hi Anonymous,

You have been deleted.

I rebuke your words in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.