Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So Far So Summer

Tim had chicken pox. He is fully scabbed and ready to rock and roll. His big boy front tooth is coming in. It! Gads the thing barely fits in his 6 year old head! But like all Streams that have gone before him I am sure he will grow into it quite nicely.

Nathan and Tim are in summer school and then Mommy drives like a maniac to get them to swim lessons on time where they spend most of the hour waving to me and yelling,  "WATCH!!"

Sarah plays softball. She is still pitching.  Her coach doesn't say a word during the games. So I guess he isn't really into coaching. She skated her first inline race with Daddy!! Woot!

Nathan plays baseball. He likes all positions so far but loves the snacks at the end best.

Joshua is signed up for Drivers Ed class.  How did that happen? He was 8 when I started this blog thingy. He has been oh so busy sleeping in, texting, playing Wii and eating. Oh and sleeping.

Patrick had his best time last weekend for an inline marathon! He finished in 1 hour 26 min.!

Carla is tired and old and cranky. There is a lot of talking here. And a lot of commotion. More than I am used to. Simmer down Streams!

The pool is up and the kids will only splash you in the face if you get in so don't bother. Sit under the umbrelly and have an iced coffee with me!

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Karla with a K said...

Oh, Carla, what I would do to sit under the umbrelly with you and have, well, I'd have a hot coffee or an iced tea. ::sigh::