Thursday, June 14, 2012


My camera is broken.  Or maybe just strong willed like my children.  When I push the power button the lens comes out, goes back in, comes out, goes back in, comes get the idea. It decides whether it wants to do its job or not.  Usually the answer I receive is not.  I haven't been able to capture Stream antics unless it is with my cell phone.  Boo.
Patrick did check into having it repaired.  It is around $91.  A new camera is around $99.


Pamela said...

Same with most electronics these days. Costs (almost) as much to repair them as to just buy a replacement. Dontcha just LOVE technology? ;)

Young Christian Woman said...

You did make sure it wasn't the batteries?

Carla said...


You're kidding right?


Yay technology!!

Karla with a K said...

LOL You're kidding right?
Me too, yay technology!