Thursday, June 02, 2011


I will miss the old van for one reason. Blog fodder. Wow. Did we have some kind of fun with that vehicle??!! There was the fire and the ride with Joshua, the noise, and me backing it out of the garage. There was a tape player full of dimes, a driver's side window that wouldn't go down because of a little boy named Joshua and a little girl named Sarah that used a wire flag to scratch the van alll up. And we can't forget the rust or the secret power.

This new van just isn't as funny. Yet.


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Janet said...

Hey Carla,

Tape player full of dimes? Did they make the speakers short circuit so they made an occasional noise that sounded like a bomb exploding inside the car? Just a guess.

No, actually, ONE penny in my tape player did just that. I almost had a heart attack... the mechanic too. (The car belonged to my brother first, so of course I blame him.)

Hopefully you'll have at least five years of peaceful driving pleasure before the mechanical problems begin. :)