Thursday, August 11, 2005


When Joshua was in preschool he was teased and picked on quite a bit. Made this Mommy see red, but I was told that the pecking order is good for our little ones....gets em socialized, right??!! I really tried to be there for Joshua and let him know that he could share his feelings with me. He didn't seem all that concerned until he began to worrry about his Daddy.
Everyday for quite awhile there were conversations in our house like this..

Joshua "Daddy, does anyone tease you at work?"
Daddy "No, Joshua, nobody teases me."
Joshua "Well, thats good."

When Daddy came home from work it was the same topic..
Joshua "Hi, Dad, did you get teased at work today?"
Daddy "No, buddy, I didn't get teased at work today."

Those days seem so long ago, but the topic remains the same in our house. What to do about bullies. In fact, when we met the principal of Joshua's school that was one of the first questions he asked. "Do you have bullies here?" Joshua has been in karate for more than a year and is an advanced blue belt. So he has SKILLS. He longs to give the bullies a good ol karate chop as he yells HIIII YAAHHHH! He says he is looking forward to that day.

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