Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Joshua has nightmares. In fact, if he closes his eyes in bed at night he sees the face of Chuckie. (or Chucky but I guess I don't really care how its name is spelled) Before you start thinking that we let Joshua stay up into the wee hours while eating popcorn and filling his brain with horror flicks...let me explain.
On our way to Subway one gorgeous summer afternoon we passed by Mr. Movies. They were having a sidewalk sale and there was Chuckie on the cover of the movie box. The image has stayed. We pray over Joshua and I put up a picture of Aslan from the Chronicles of Narnia and we try to talk of good, Godly things and think good, Godly thoughts before bed.
One night he was crying so hard and I asked him to close his eyes and picture Chuckie and then picture Aslan. "Joshua, Aslan just ate Chuckie," I said. That seemed to help.


Katie Rolli said...

When I stop laughing I'll type . . . okay, what do none Christian parents do with this problem, I wonder? Isaiah sometimes gets scared about goofy stuff and we pray and do all of the same stuff. Whatever. What worked at our house is I simply say, "God didn't make monsters." All better. Simple enough and problem solved. God makes life easier on sooooo many different levels. When this tactic stops working I'll be sure to switch to the Aslan solution.

PS said...

Lately though, Chuckie must not be going down so well. Or perhaps Josh can still "hear" him.

Babe, next time lets tell our boy that Alsan just swallowed the last piece and let out a satisfiying burp.