Friday, August 12, 2005

No Smoking Please

My children already know about cigarettes and smoking. Grandpa smokes and Grandma used to. Since they began asking questions so young and started to puff away on their crayons, I delivered the Evils of Smoking Speech. They seem to understand that they are BAD. Just plain BAD for you.
Now however, they seem to have assigned themselves to Smoking Patrol. Whenever they see anyone smoking they yell loudly, "Cigarettes!! They are cigaretting over there!"
"Hey, she's smoking a cigarette!! That's BAD!!" "Doesn't she know that cigaretting can kill her?!"
It's hardly embarrassing anymore as I shush them up with,"Yes, they are smoking...let's move along...


PS said...

There was one time Josh refused to allow our family barber to cut his hair, because the barber was smokking.

Josh had a fit, saying "I aint letting that touch my hair, he's going to hell...Dad, I don't get it, I thought (Mr. Barber) believed in Jesus"

"I think He still does Josh. He just has a bad habit that we need to ask Jesus to help him with." I said.

"Nope, he's going to hell!" Josh insisted.

katie rolli said...

I think life would be very boring without having to practice the constant diplomacy of parenting. How dull to go to the grocery store and not have to be prepared for the comments that are so innocently thrown out of a child's mouth. I'm still waiting for news on the release date for the Stream Family Antics. It would be a great baby shower gift, don't ya think?