Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Liberry

I did not used to loathe the library like I do now. I used to love it. I would take Joshua at the age of 2 or 3 and we would wander the aisles and pick out awesome board books and play with puzzles and meet new mommies and travel the world looking at the cool globe and enjoy storytime. When he had enough intellectual stimulation we called it a day. Once our child meter hit 3, the library began to lose its appeal. The last time I took the 3 cherubs there is forever etched in my brain. After looking at books and doing some puzzles, Nathan began to fuss and cry in his stroller. I headed for the check out line, which was full. I waited patiently and watched Sarah take out EVERY puzzle and dump EVERY puzzle piece on the floor. Don't forget the dinosaurs, Sarah....good girl...dump those too. Nathan was working up to a wail at this point and no other check out lines were opening up. Joshua began to yell loudly that he had set up a game of checkers for us. ("MOM, HEY MOM, I'M READY!!") Still waiting in line. Please Lord, help. Sarah called out that she had to go potty but before I could even give her a glance....she went potty. Yeppers, on the carpet. I pretended to look around for Sarah's mom. FINALLY, my turn came. The library lady let me know that I owed 8 bucks for overdue movies!! (8 BUCKS!! Kinda steep, huh??) Paid it, got my books, shoved them into the bag and smiled at the lady. I picked up puzzles and dinosaurs, covered Sarah's wet spot with a chair, shushed Nathan, made my way to Joshua and whisper yelled to him..ITS TIME TO GO NOW!! Joy to the world......whew
We almost have as many books as the library, so when we do go back Joshua takes my library card and we wait for him in the van while he picks out some movies. So much more intellectually stimulating and I ALWAYS get the movies back on time.

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