Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Mr. Spell

My husband Patrick and I usually spell out the words we don't want our children to hear. Most parents play this game. We can't do it much anymore as Joshua is Hooked on Phonics and figures it out. There was a time when he spelled things out to Sarah.

Joshua "Hey Sarah, Daddy went to the store and bought C-O-I-E!!!"
Sarah "Yay, snacks!!!"

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Katie Rolli said...

how true. Matthew and I now spell words in abbreviated form, it's our form of spelling shorthand for the more popular "spell only" words. Isaiah now thinks THE ONLY way to say or spell the phrase, "Do you want to rent a movie?" is our spelling shorthand M-O-V (instead of M-O-V-I-E) If Matthew merely says M O V, Isaiah pipes in enthusiastically, "Yeah, I do." Oh well, maybe we need to re-do the shorthand as it isn't very hard for Isaiah to figure out anymore.