Thursday, July 21, 2005

A Sob Story

Last week I was having a scrumptious lunch of PB & J sandwiches with the children. Joshua was talking about how great it will be to see the 3 babies that we have in heaven. He loves to imagine that Great Grandma Nora, Mister Rogers and Jesus are always rocking them to sleep. We talked a little more about what it might be like to die and go to heaven when my daughter Sarah started sobbing. I started saying that we don't have to worry about dying right now and we won't die for a long time etc. The sobbing did not let up. I took her little face in my hands and asked her why she was crying. She managed to sob, "I don't wanna hang on a cross!"
Ouch. My heart ached. To imagine what her little brain was doing while in church and hearing about Jesus hanging on a cross for us.
She still brings it up and wants to know FOR SURE that they don't do that to people anymore.
I sometimes wish that the hardest thing we had to do as parents was make PB & J sandwiches.

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