Sunday, July 24, 2005


My son is back from his week at camp!! Well, I figured it was him but after an hour long soak in the tub I am sure.
We have been pumping him for information and asking all of those appropriate open-ended questions. How was swimming? Who did you meet? What did you learn about God? What did you make in crafts? Enquiring minds want to know!! Joshua did oblige on almost every question and then began telling camptales. His stories became more and more outlandish and we finally just asked.. Did you ride the jet-ski? Go para-sailing? Deep sea diving? Drive the speedboat? Become a lifeguard? He answered yes to all of the above. His REAL camp experience remains somewhat of a mystery except for what made it home in his bag. Yes, I dived in this morning. We are missing quite a few shirts, pairs of underpants, shorts and socks. (Also, there is not a craft to be found.) But he did gain a complete outfit that I know I did not pack for him. I apologize to whoever is washing Joshua's clothes right now. He did admit to me he did not brush his teeth all week but did manage to change into someone else's underpants. I didn't even bother to ask if he showered. I found the moldy swimsuit and towel so there was water involved at some point.
All of the above is a small price to pay for the reunion at camp after not being together for a week!! Joshua and I have a "thing" we do. When we haven't seen each other for a stretch we run as fast as we can with arms open wide and I pick him up and swing him around. There is nothing sweeter than a boy who STILL lets his mom love him up!!

Lord, thank you for all of the experiences that make a boy into a man. Thank you for allowing me to witness it.

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