Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hugs in Hell

My daughter Sarah will be 5 in a couple of weeks and just when I think I have her all figured out she leaves me stumped!!
While we were saying prayers one night before bed she asked if I would pray that she would get hugs in hell. I asked her to repeat herself as I know I couldn't have heard right!! She said that she knows that when she gets to hell that there are no hugs there, so could I just please pray that she get some hugs in hell?? Before I could dial Exorcist 911 I yelled NO!!! We would NOT pray that she gets hugs in hell because no daughter of mine will be going to hell!! We finished up with some lame prayer and once again I left her bedroom shaking my head.
Now I happen to think that Hugs in Hell would be the perfect name for some heavy metal rock band. "And here's the band Hugs in Hell...singing their number one hit tune Just go to Sleep, Sarah!!" (The crowd goes wild.)

This mom gig is harder than I thought it would be!!!!

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Pat Stream said...

I know you're going to like blogging about motherhood. Your stories are always hilarious after the fact...hindsite is twenty-twenty, right!