Friday, July 29, 2005

Hang Time

Sarah has always enjoyed playing good guys and bad guys with her big bro. She was the one being carted off to jail with her hands tied in a jumprope every time they played. She moved on to having her stuffed animals be the bad guys and I was to tie up their front paws and she would sentence them to jail. Then she asked if I could tie up all four paws cause they were so "bad". After tying so many paws up during the course of a day I wondered if I could someday grow up to be a real wrangler and I liked to time myself and hoot and holler as I could usually beat 7 seconds. WHOOOO HOOOO GIT ALONG LITTLE DAWGIES!! Sarah's addiction to this game really took a turn when she needed me to tie up her dollie's hands. We were graduating to the hard stuff. I obliged her. I started feeling a little uncomfortable tying her dolls hands and feet however but yes, I will help you my dear. Run along and have fun! Not long after she asked if I would tie her doll around the hands and the neck and I did. What was I thinking? I started finding dolls hung from many of the doorknobs in the house and Daddy would hang some from the cupboard drawer pulls when he got home. I sat down, took a breather and looked around. I realized it looked like a freaky kind of gallows. Being 13 weeks pregnant at the time, I became disgusted at how far this game had gone......Sarah needed help. I thought of putting her in some kind of 12 step group. "Hi, my name is Sarah and I hang my dollies." "Hi, Sarah."
I put a stop to it. I had lynched my last doll. The game was over, the jig was up.
When I asked her what was the purpose of all of this madness she said, "I only wanted to swing em."
I can only shake my head once again. But my head shaking I think is really a nervous tic that is mandatory for a stay at home mom. If you don't have your tic yet, don't worry, its on the way.

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Pat said...

This is Pat, Carla's husband and her daughter's Daddy.

Yes I contributed to lynching of several dollies.

But to clarify, while all this "hanging around" was going on, I as well had some sick feelings. "What in the world is going on in my sweet little Sarah beara's brain."

Needless to say I kept a pretty close eye on Griffen (our cat).