Saturday, July 30, 2005

Vacation Fun

Our first ever Stream family vacation was in Orlando, Florida. Joshua was 5 and Sarah was 2. We felt brave enough to tackle the flight and the layovers and so far so good. We didn't even feel like the Griswolds...yet. We had spent a day at Daytona Beach, enjoying the surf, the sun and the sand. Well, I was not enjoying the sand as I could not get it out of Sarah's pull-up to save my life.
We were heading back "home" and enjoying the drive. It was rush hour but we had snacks and each other! It was bumper to bumper traffic and I hadn't seen an off ramp for quite awhile. Joshua broke the silence with this...(You know what's coming don't you?) "I have to go potty." "Well, gee son, you're gonna have to hold it!!" So, he held it for another 9 seconds. The traffic wasn't going anywhere and since we were aliens in a foreign land we didn't know when we could exit the freeway!"Mommy, I have to go really baaaadddd!" Desperate times call for desperate measures. I reached under my seat for an empty Coke bottle and handed it to Joshua. Sarah wasn't even speaking at this point in her kid career.....what a blessing. She was staring though. It took some coaxing but Joshua stepped up to the task set before him. He handed me his specimen, I capped it and put it under the seat. Patrick had been strangely silent the whole time. Was that wrong? Was that bad? Was I an unfit Mommy?
Joshua has never been at a loss for words and this was no exception. After a few miles he said, "That was so cool!! Can I do that again??"

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