Monday, July 25, 2005

Speak, boy!!

Since Nathan (affectionately called Nathers or Nafer Nafe) is up 2 hours earlier than he should be from his afternoon nap I will type about him. He is 20 months old and his favorite pasttimes are smacking the cat, arching his back when being placed in his carseat and seizing every opportunity to throw his sandles in the toilet.
I spend a majority of the day following him as he goes walking about the house. I am using the term walking rather loosely here. He is flat-footed, pigeon toed and bowl-legged so he basically stumbles around here like a drunken sailor mumbling and babbling to himself sounding like the Swedish chef from The Muppet Show. We hold lively conversations that go something like this:
Nathan: herndagerndafernda
Mommy: Really? Then what happened?
Nathan: irffengirffenmirffen
Mommy: Wow! Thats exciting! Tell me more!
Nathan: herndagerndafernda
Mommy: Yes, you mentioned that already.
Thank goodness he knows the signs for more, please, thank you and book. My husband keeps wondering when he is going to speak, you know, like something that resembles English!! But when he sticks his tongue out and pants I say, "See honey, he just said dog!!"
No really, he says real words.....uh-oh and wow. I think those 2 words will come in handy in highschool as he stumbles from class to class.

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