Sunday, April 23, 2017


I told you I would cry. And I did. After hair and makeup and seeing my daughter's face when she looked in the mirror. The tears came in the car on the way home as my daughter yelled, "Mom, stop crying!!" No. I will not. I was happy. Happy to pay for my daughter's dress and hair and makeup! Happy that I GET to experience life with her. Happy that she was soooooooo happy! And I of course tried to express that in words but only cried more. I told her she was beautiful inside and out. I told her that I was happy and excited for her. And I had a glimpse. A glimpse of moments to come of next year's prom and maybe a wedding day. And realizing AGAIN that my baby girl will ALWAYS be my baby girl and she will ALWAYS have my heart. And she needs to know that.
I love you, Sarah Ann Stream.
And maybe I'm crying again.

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