Saturday, June 01, 2013

The View

Not that view.  Ish.

Timmers has wanted glasses for a long time.  4 out of 6 Streams have them and who wants to be left out of that brand of fun?

I received a note from school that Tim was complaining of things being "fuzzy" and that his eyes were all "blurry."  I made an eye appt. because we have money to burn I guess.

We waited patiently for the eye doc.  I know there is some big name that he is officially called but that hinders my writing. Eye doc he shall be.  He quickly came out and asked me, "Does Timothy really WANT glasses?"  Indeed he does. Apparently Tim was trying to snow the eye doc into thinking he really had some eye issues and needed glasses immediately.  I was invited to sit in on the antics of my son which is what I live for at this juncture in my mothering career.

Timothy was pretending to have trouble with seeing the letters and reading the next smallest line and the jig was up little man!

Eye doc "Mom, this is window glass. Tim which is clearer number 1 or number 2?"
Tim "Um. Number 1."
Eye doc "Still window glass.  Now which is clearer.  1 or 2?"
Tim "2."
Eye doc "Still using window glass and which side is clearer the red side or the green side?"
Tim "Red."

After Tim tried on 20 pairs of glasses that he was never going to get we headed home and I broke the news to him that his vision is perfect and all is well.


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