Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Shout Out

As a delightful consequence of growing older I seem to care less and less what other people think of me.  I carried that attitude to my daughter's middle school when she needed a ride home.  I noticed two 6th graders in front of the school working feverishly on a tree.  Digging at the roots with their hands, kicking at it with their shoes and then they took turns shaking the stuffing out of it.  I watched them and wondered if anyone else cared that this was going on.  I rolled down my window and yelled in my no nonsense mom voice, "LEAVE THE TREE ALONE PLEASE!!"  They stopped and stared me down as my daughter got in the van.  The tree was saved.  She was mortified.  Win-win.


Brenda said...

Good for you! Back in the day one of the things that kept society civil was that grown ups weren't afraid of children. Everyone expected that adults would step in to keep order.

Carla said...

True that Brenda!! Remember when the WORST thing was getting a call from the principal? Now parents sue the school cause their boy got the F he deserved.