Monday, November 19, 2012

Life Happens

We had some plans one night last week.  Since nobody had anything going on and all homework was done, Patrick was going to make a roaring fire in the fireplace and we would all snuggle and watch a show.  Family time!!
Here is the reality version.  Mommy started puking around 4:30pm.   Everything on the inside wanted to get to the outside in the swiftest way possible. Sarah was already feeling poorly and lying on the couch. Daddy got home at 5pm to find a massive virus on the laptop.  Like the kind that eats laptops.  He set to work on that.  I whimpered to Joshua to please make supper.  Mac and Cheese for himself and Tim.  Nathan wanted oatmeal.  Everything after that is kind of a blur for me. But I guess Joshua cleaned the kitchen, played Wii with the littles, got them ready for bed, read them a story and tucked them in.  Sarah and I found sleep and Daddy fixed the laptop after 3 hours.

Some days are like this.

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Patricia said...

you must obviously be feeling much better today. :)
My worst family sickness memory: all four children sick including the nursing baby and myself. I remember praying that God would allow me a window of about 20 mins to nurse the baby to sleep that night without having to barf. It was granted. I then resumed my regularly scheduled barfing. After 10 hours it was over. What a time. So glad those days are over.