Tuesday, September 25, 2012


This still doesn't seem so funny to me even though it happened last week.  Perhaps in 10 years.
Awana registration was last Wednesday night.  I choke down my fear.  I face crowds and crowds of parents, watch my children scatter to the wind and make my way from table to table and finally write a check. (I was so prepared that I filled out the registration forms a day early and then left them on the counter at home) Big sigh.

Onto the main attraction!! There is a super hilarious clown that comes every year to our church. He is amazing and just so darn funny and the little ones and big ones like me adore him! One trick had him fishing and out of nowhere at the end of his pole a goldfish appeared.  He did this several times until there were 5 goldfish in a bowl! Timmers wanted one. Of course. Anyone who had been a volunteer on stage could have a fish to take home.  One sweetheart of a boy told Tim that if his mother wouldn't let him have it, Tim could have his fish.  Imagine the crushing disappointment when Tim found out there was no goldfish for him.  Disappointment became loud crying, screaming, running and flailing.  "I WANT A GOLDFISH!!" echoed throughout the foyer as Patrick picked up the youngest and carried him outside.(Why do parents stop and stare?  Have they never seen a temper tantrum before?  Maybe not one of Tim's magnitude) He continued to scream in the van, kick the driver's seat and carry on. Once home he was readied for bed and was deposited under the covers.

Dear Tim,
I love you too much to let you act this way.  I know you will make it.  I just know it! We will continue giving consequences because we love you and we know that God has a plan for you! The greater tragedy would be if your parents ignored you and did nothing or worse...handed you a goldfish during your display.  Not gonna happen dear boy.  I am excited to see the man of God you will be one day!
You are my best Tim!!


Kandi said...

Dearest Carla,
Thank you for being a parent, not a "friend," to your child. Thank you for teaching him what it's like to do without that one thing that he HAS. TO. HAVE. NOW.

When people stare, just smile and raise your clasped hands in the traditional "champion" style. You win! You're a great parent!

kristi noser said...

Amen. You are doing a great job.