Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's Time

I am dusting off my brain after I find it and answering the call as a substitute teacher this year! I have filled out a forest worth of paperwork, coughed up big bucks for an official 5 year Sub License and alerted the proper authorities. Namely, teachers I would like to sub for.
I am thinking that one or two days a week would be good.  At the school two blocks away, grades K-5.  Enough to get my feet wet at least and hug two little Stream boys that yell, "MOM!!!" in the hallway.
The extra income will be nothing to sneeze at either as we live paycheck to paycheck.  After 12 years of staying home it is indeed time for me to leave the nest and venture out into the world.  You've been warned.


erin said...

WOOOO! Exciting!

kristi noser said...

I hope you get lots of jobs. Go Carla GO!!