Tuesday, September 04, 2012

4 Things

My my my.  I never thought my Timmers would grow up.  Honestly we seemed to be stuck at 3 years old forever.  I guess it was a full year though!  Raising my strong willed youngest has been a wild ride.  Boy Howdy!

This summer there were 4 things that happened that he is exstreamly proud of!

1.  Tim now wears underpants to bed. It's a huge deal.  No he isn't usually dry in the morning but soon enough he will be.

2.  Tim now rides a  Spiderman bike with training wheels.  He hopped on and never looked back.

3.  Tim reached the You Must Be This Tall to Ride line at Valley Fair!  The boy got to feel sick on roller coasters and scramblers and flying type rides.  Just like the big boys!

4.  His two front teeth have now come in and YEAH, you can sorta tell!

I am proud of you son.  Watching you grow has been an experience like no other in my life.  You are the perfect Timmers for me!!

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