Friday, May 04, 2012

What to Wear

I purchased a black pair of thongs. OOPS.  Sorry.  Flip Flops!! The Walmart kind that will cost ya $2.89. I love flip flopping around in them.  Except that I sound like Squidward. If I could type the sound for you I would.  I figured with wear they would stop doing that! I was wrong. Yesterday I kicked it up a notch with a pair of OP $4.89 black flip flops.  Made all the difference.  Ahhhhhh.


kristi noser said...

If you want quality, you have to shuck out the bucks.

Carla said...

I want, nay demand high quality for less!!

I crack myself up.

Karla with a K said...

"Cracking" yourself up on a post about a thong is funny to me. You crack me up too!!

Thongs OOPS flip flops give me blisters. Between my toes.