Wednesday, May 09, 2012


We didn't have any family plans last night.  It was so nice!! This morning I am looking at the calendar and trying very hard not to freak out.

4:30pm Summer swim registration
5:00-6:30pm Youth group for Joshua and Sarah
6:30-8:30pm Patrick has class
5:30-6:30pm Baseball practice for Nathan
7:00-8:30pm Softball practice for Sarah

Somewhere in there belongs the word Supper.

If you need us Tims and I will be in the van.


kristi noser said...

Somewhere in there belongs the word "BurgerKing".
I'm free, can I drive one or two?

kristi noser said...

How about I take Tims instead?

Carla said...

Tims is yours.

Thank you!!

kristi noser said...

If you need us we will be having burgers in the carwash.