Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Repost I Post Every Year


PSA: Helpful Christmas Decorating Tips

There are a few guidelines we follow around here when it comes to decorating for Christmas. The first and most obvious to us is Christmas-Keep Out of Reach of Children. Joshua and Sarah are at the perfect age to stand in awe of the Tannenbaum, but I can send them to your house to do that. There are Littles to think about. So here are the Stream Family Decorating Guidelines.

1. When dragging out the fake Tannenbaum make sure the calendar reads December 23rd.

2. Find a small corner in the living room and jam the tree in.

3. Using heavy wire, nail that baby to the wall.

4. Use lights sparingly. Remember last year? Nathan ate a red bulb like candy.

5. Decorations are fine, but why spread them all over the tree? They eventually migrate to the top anyway. Start at the top.

6. If concerned about the lack of presents, make some decoys. Otherwise the real loot does not belong under the tree until the calendar reads December 23rd.

7. If the loot does make it under there early due to a fatal case of "Christmas Spirit" stand guard at all times with a roll of wrapping paper, scissors and scotch tape. Rewrap swiftly and consistently.

8. All other decorations are put on hold.

9. Except the manger scene. And the Santa cookie jar. And the wreath. And a paper chain. Maybe stockings.

10. Hang stockings from the ceiling.

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erin said...

I think about this post every year.