Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nathan's Heart

Nathan loves Jesus. He was busy in Kindygarten drawing pictures of Jesus on the cross and writing little stories about God. In first grade he was asking others if they believed in God. This year in second grade he has been asking a very pointed question. "Do you know who hung on a cross for you?" He has come home THRILLED to tell me that there are so many in his class that answer, "JESUS!" There was a poster hung by the library and all students were to write what their favorite part of Christmas is. Nathan wrote Jesus Christ. It was scribbled out with green crayon. Nathan wasn't discouraged for long. He told me, "Mom, someone else wrote Jesus Christ and so far it has stayed!!"


Kara Jo said...

Like. Our little lights in the dark world, they are. :)

Carla said...

Hide it under a bushel NO!!
They're gonna let it shine!!

erin said...

Love it. Love him.

kristi noser said...

Dear Nathan,
I love you more than any other Nathan in the world.
True story.