Monday, November 28, 2011

You Are So Going To Miss....

One of those phrases that ranks right up there with It Goes So Fast and Hang in There. Certainly there are so many things I already miss about having Stream babies and watching them grow. But I also won't be kidding myself and thinking I will miss everything. I won't. These are some of the things I will not miss about child rearing.

Fighting(which includes but shall not be limited to kicking, pinching, slapping, punching, hair pulling, tripping and head butting)
Temper Tantrums
All bodily fluids that I have cleaned up.
Kiddoes who will not stay in bed.
Sibling rivalry


Anonymous said...

So.... this is what this future mommy has to look forward to eh? ;)

You do share plenty of good stories about your kids and what wonderful young adults they are turing out to be. :)


Carla said...

I would never try to discourage a new mom, Jana!!

I just get tired of sayings that really do nothing but irritate me.

Oh here's another one I can't stand

"Just you wait....."

erin said...

Did you write this for me?
Still seeing red, by the way.

Carla said...

I wrote it for you.

And I.

Anonymous said...

No worries Carla. I remember my elementary and teenage years. My mother is one strong woman for putting up with us. :) I'm glad she put up with me... shes one of my best friends!


Carla said...

That is my prayer for Sarah and I. :)

Glad you have that relationship with your mom, Jana!!