Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Here we are in no particular order

Has had many opportunities to share the truth of Jesus at school. His friends text him to ask what he believes and he tells them. He got an F on his History test because he did not see the back of the 2nd page.

Still can't believe he has to go back to school It's not fair he says. He was so excited to bring 1/4 lb. deli turkey to his Kindergarten feast.

Was sick for a couple of days but is back! He is lamenting the few inches of snow that we received is melting quickly.

Is busy practicing two songs for her first piano recital. Jingle Bells and Deck the Halls. Sometimes to me it sounds more like Jingle the Halls and Deck Bells.

Doing life. Getting ready for our first Rachel's Vineyard retreat. Excited for the holidays. Spending precious time with my older sister.

Making Christmas lists for the Stream children. Has put his foot down to a dog. Signed his family up to deliver a Thanksgiving meal to a needy family.

So sleepy.

Waiting patiently for Sarah to clean her cage.

Happy Thanksgiving!! We have much to thank God for!!


erin said...

Lumpy is still around.
All is right with the world.

Carla said...

If The Lump ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.