Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Gingerbread Pawn


Reegz said...

Nice try Candyland

kristi noser said...


Karla with a K said...

Thanks, I needed that. Without power since last Saturday. Thank God for Mark's co-worker and the generator we borrowed Monday from her. She's my new best friend.
(Kids have been home all week. I don't think I need to say anything else.)

Anyway, thanks :D

Carla said...

Oh dear. Karla needs mommy time STAT!!!

I am jealous of your weather though.

Karla with a K said...

That it's warm? Or the storm that knocked out power for 2/3 of the electric co's customers? And it hasn't been warm at night.

Anyway, got our power back around 8:00 tonight. Did you hear us scream?

Please pray for my friend's daughter, Sarah. She's had pneumonia since last week and has had to stay in hotel for heat. 2 or 3 trips to ER. I wish SHE got her power back.

Yes, I'll be taking mommy time this week when they go back to school. I'll have to call you.

Carla said...

I am jealous of snow. If you got snow then I want some. We are Wisconsin Winter Ready.

The power outages and no heat. No I am so sorry that you struggled through that.

Praying for Sarah.