Wednesday, November 02, 2011


I drove the Streams to the River Falls Hospital for the candy exchange yesterday.(They were each paid $3 or $4 for their Halloweenie candy which will be sent to the troops!!!)We were discussing who had been born in River Falls.

Nathan "Was Josh born there?"
Mom "Yes, he was."
Nathan "Was Sarah born there?"
Mom "Yes, she was."
Nathan "Was I born there?"
Mom "Yes, you were."
Nathan "Was Tims born there?"
Mom "No. Timmers was born at St. Joe's in St. Paul, MN."
Nathan "Oh. So that's why we don't look alike!!!"


erin said...


Anonymous said...

Thas is sooooo funny! I can just hear him say that! Noni

Naomi said...

Please tell me more about this candy exchange?!?! We want in on that action.

Carla said...

We have a date for next year, girly!!

A dentist in River Falls pays $1.50 per pound of candy up to 3 pounds!!
November 1st 2012 4:30-6:30pm
River Falls Hospital lobby
Be there.

We made cards for the troops even!!

buhbye candy

Kara Jo said...

Bahahaaa! That's a hoot.