Saturday, July 30, 2011



I Do

I have been thinking a lot about my marriage lately. When you are married, it isn't far from your thoughts, is it? I keep hearing what a big decision it is to get married. I agree. I think one must search their heart and soul and seek wise counsel. A decision not to be taken lightly. I also happen to think that another very important decision to make is to STAY married. There will be trials, you will get your feelings hurt, your expectations will be completely shot, you will be asked by God to grow and change and give and forgive. Count on it. Someday maybe my husband and I will speak of some of our trials(ugh)to help others see that marriage is not all fun and games. I learned right quick that my new groom was not about to rescue me from my childhood and meet every baby need I had. I have learned that if he and I STAYED we would become better friends, our love and respect for each other would grow and getting in the van and driving away would be the furthest thing from our thoughts. To have and to hold, for richer for poorer, for better for worse, in sickness and in health till death do us part...God has blessed us in ways I can hardly describe because we STAY. My husband has promised me that someday when we are old and gray and almost dead we will sit on our porch and slam a couple and laugh. Laugh about all the things that have happened to us since we said I Do.


kristi said...

Great post and oh, so true! We will be celebrating 17 years next month...well, in September. Happy Anniversary!

erin said...

Awesome. Thanks for reposting. I appreciate you and Pat's honesty. Love you.