Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Out to Lunch

Tim and his family went to Culver's for Daddy's birthday. Let's pretend we are Tim for just a moment.

Fill your pockets full of rocks while heading to the door.

Wash your hands in the outdoor fountain.

Set your favorite rocks outside the door. Tell them goodbye.

Order everything your older brother orders. This drives him insane.

Run to the corner booth and wave to your family.

When mom gets to you tell her you want to help Sarah with drinks and then go wash your hands and splash in the drinking water/soda station. Continue to push the button and splash even when an employee comes by and tells you to stop.

Sit by Nathan because your parents are too distracted to separate the two of you.

Punctuate bites of your corn dog with the word Cocanutty. Say it loud and proud! "Cocanutty!" Also try a variation on the theme with "Cocanutty, cocanutty, cocanutty, cocanutty."

Remove your flip flops and place them on the window ledge.

Yell, "Hey, there's our van!"

Sneak out under the table and run to the bathroom.

Complain loudly when escorted by both parents out of the restaurant.

Greet your favorite rocks again.

Give your hands one more rinse in the fountain.


Kara Jo said...

ROTFL! Every day is an adventure with Timmers isn't it?

Carla said...

Pretty much.

He is outside right now playing his harmonica for the cars that pass by.