Friday, July 08, 2011


Camping changes you in ways you don't expect. When it rains you find the strength to drag everything under a tarp. When it clears up you thank God for the gorgeous evening and the meal over a campfire. When Timmers cooks a worm you carry on. I spent a sleepless night and went to tell Tim good morning. He yelled, "You don't even look like my mom!!!"


Karla with a K said...

I didn't know you camped. Yes, yes it does change you =D

And that Tim is hilarious.

Carla said...

We continue to camp to confirm the fact that we really don't like to camp.

Vannah said...

I love camping!

My personal favorite is the tent that is so useless it might as well be made of tissue paper. :)

But I take it that you're a vacation in a city sort of woman?

erin said...

I will happily camp at any motel in the north woods.