Saturday, July 23, 2011

All Grown Up

This is Nathalie. She was 7 years old when we began to sponsor her through Compassion. She is now 19 and getting ready to graduate from the program in Haiti. From the letter I received yesterday-

It is with great joy that I write you today to share some wonderful news about your sponsored child. In the coming year, Nathalie is expected to complete the Compassion Child Sponsorship Program. Without a doubt, this is a very important milestone for her, and I join with you in celebrating and praising the Lord for the great things He has done in her life! Thank you for investing your love, prayer, and resources over the past 12 years to enable Nathalie to overcome the obstacles of poverty and reach this threshold. Through God's grace, her hard work, and your faithful support, soon Nathalie will launch out into life as a fulfilled, responsible young adult.

I do believe I cried as hard reading this as I did when I received word that this was the girl we were to sponsor. We are so thankful for the years we have shared together and we look forward to meeting the next little girl God has chosen for us. We love you, Nathalie!


erin said...

Just love this, Carla. Thanks for sharing. :')

Anonymous said...

Thanks for "finishing the race!" with Nathalie! I hope someday God sees fit to allow you to meet her. That would be so cool.

Carla said...

I would so love to meet her this side of heaven!! :)