Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Being Real 3

I began applying at nanny agencies. I wanted out. I wanted away. I wanted the east coast. Just having that dream out there that maybe I could be free kept me going.

I walked into the classroom one day with tears running down my face. I couldn't take the lewd comments by the construction crew. The classroom teacher marched me right down to the principal's office where he listened to my story. His brows knitted, his jaw clenched and with a look of determination he told me he would take care of it. And he did! He sat the crew down and told them in no uncertain terms what would happen to them and their jobs if they so much as looked at me or uttered one more disgusting comment. My heart was lifted that someone thought enough of me to come to my defense.

I continued to document all of the abuse at school and when my student teaching was over I sat down with the principal and my supervisor. I handed over reams of notes and that was that. This teacher was ordered to take a "human relations" course and transferred to a new school where she could continue to abuse other children.

I quit the job at the clothing store. I told my boss that I didn't steal the jewelry, that I didn't know the couple who did, and I wouldn't work where I was treated like I was guilty of something I didn't do. I also advised him to call the cops on me if he was so sure about my involvement. Buhbye.

I interviewed with a nanny agency and was given several choices of families that I might work for. I wanted to watch one child around the age of 2 or 3 and be part of a family. I wanted to be paid well, drive my own car, have insurance and vacations and see the sights! After several interviews with families that had 3 boys or wanted me to be a house keeper or pool cleaner I was called about a potential family that sounded perfect for me. I interviewed with them and they offered me a job! I felt hopeful for the first time in a long time.

I wanted out of the trailer I was living in. I wanted out of the relationship with Don but wasn't sure how that was going to happen.

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erin said...

So?? What happens next??
Wow, again. I love you and I'm praying for you as you write this.