Saturday, March 26, 2011


Had a field trip to The Children's Museum yesterday. I had 3 boys in my group, including one Stream, which was nice. I was given a flyer that had all of this good information for a mom/chaperone to help the children get the most out of the experience.

Find the community helpers. Ask the child, "Which of these jobs can you pretend to have?"
If the child puts on a costume ask the child, "Who should I pretend to be?"
Encourage the child to try make shadows under the dome. Ask the child, "What shadows do you want me to make?"
Look to the city around you. Ask the child, "How do the cars, buses and trucks look different when you see them from the top?"
At the streambed, ask the child, "What changes happen to the rocks as you put water or snow on them?"

Again, I must reiterate to you my group had 3 BOYS!! They were content to run and jump and yell and at any given time I lost track of at least one, two or all three of them. The only questions I had for them were- "Where's Nathan? Do you need a bathroom break? Did you wash your hands? You lost your coat? Where's Nathan?"


kristi noser said...

I would challenge any parent to do better. Shadows indeed.
Where's Nathan?

Carla said...

He's somewhere running, jumping and yelling.

erin said...

So, YOU guys were the yellers on Friday! Man, that place is loud.

Carla said...

We had a little help in the yelling department.

Ask the child, "What would you like me to yell?"