Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm In

Getting out on a field trip with any one of my children has been difficult. There are babysitting and scheduling conflicts. Not to mention the competition from other parents to be a chaperone. There are only so many slots available. I usually try out for the sit down, entertain me, theater type field trips. As this year comes to a close beggars can't be choosers. I threw my hat in the ring for a Children's Museum trip with Nathan. Just found out I made the cut!! I was chosen!! I still need to find a sitter for Tim, send in my share of the chaperone cost and try to forget that the last time I went to this museum I left with a headache that lasted 6 hours.


Karla with a K said...

My favorite was when I could just meet up with the group at the destination (translation: skip the BUS ride!) But that was only good for the zoo or the trash museum, where I wasn't technically not a chaperone. I just got to hang out with my kid.

Well, have fun.

kristi noser said...

what day is it?

Carla said...

Got a sitter my love. :)

Karla with a K said...


where I wasn't technically a chaperone.

I'm sure you all figured that out without my help though, the sharp bunch over here at fourby40!