Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Sarah and Nathan came home from school yesterday talking over each other and trying to explain some predicament.

Sarah "Nathan stole a pen!"
Nathan "No, I didn't!"
Sarah "He found it in the street and stole it."
Nathan "I tried to put it back but now I have it and the cops are coming to get me for sure."

This sounds serious.


Kandi said...

I can see the headlines now.

Pat S said...

I'm feeling some guilt. You know how I like to extrapolate - "If you learn now to take little things that aren't yours, then later life you'll think its ok to take anything...then you'll have the cops after you."

Carla said...

Then you go to jail and learn more hardcore crimes then eventually land in prison.

Chain of events parenting. :)

Anonymous said...

This proves that you can never quite predict what is going on in the mind of a kid - how they take adult admonitions and use their limited experience and knowledge to get from point A to... jail. A good lessson in why [tough concepts + kids] need to be revisited over and over in age appropriate ways. Thanks for the smile this brought to my face this morning....


Henrietta G. Jefferson said...

You are overlooking the 37th Amendment: All Citizens of these United States, who are finders, shall also keepers be."