Monday, January 17, 2011

Slow Death

I am driving a ticking time bomb. The van has a part that is set to break through some rust and that will spell doom for the frame and leave it permanently disabled. Nope, don't know the part name but I like flux capacitor. Let's go with that. We will need to begin looking into how a new van will find its way into our family and our budget before this one croaks and goes to that place where vans go when they die. I kind of like the idea of not knowing when disaster may strike. That whole living on the edge thing appeals to me. I don't get out much.


Janet said...

So sorry to hear the news, that's a terrible feeling to have. As an aside, Ford has a major recall now on a rear axle problem on their Windstar mini-van that sounds similar. Maybe one of their dealers could give you a good deal on a repair just to tide you over for a while and give you a little peace of mind. (Maybe you could promise to write about the GREAT FORD COMPANY on your BLOG if they will help you!!!!
Praying for your driving safety! It may sound silly, but I actually have a religious medal in my car from the Sacred Heart Auto League (we Catholics have it all covered, you know). When I look at it I'm reminded to say a prayer for my safety. I don't actually say THIS prayer, but there's one on their website.

Sorry for getting off track there. (No pun intended.)

Carla said...

Ford gives to Susan G Komen in their Warrior In Pink campaign.

Ours is a Dodge and I am leaving all thoughts of replacement to Patrick.

I do pray for safety, Janet. :)

Anonymous said...

Flux capacitor huh? That's funny! Well look at it this way - you're getting a new van one flux capacitor at a time ... I hope and pray it's not going out soon ...

Lauren said...


I know you and Pat have spent a great deal of effort to become completely debt free. BUT, if you find yourself in need of an auto loan, our rates start at 4.39%. I'm with Royal Credit Union if you want some more info!! :)