Monday, January 17, 2011

The Part

The parts for Wizard of Oz were cast yesterday at Sarah's school.

One of the Flying Monkeys will skillfully be played by Sarah Stream!!

The part of Supportive, Encouraging and Proud, Smiling Mother will be played by Carla Stream!!


Kandi said...

YAY for flying monkeys! I'll bet she can practice the part with her simian brothers. :D

erin said...


kristi noser said...

I think that's the part I would want.

Janet said...

How fun! Congratulations to Sarah!

kristi noser,
Me too. (No lines to learn.)

Anonymous said...

YEAH Sarah!!!!! Love ya, Noni

Karla with a K said...

Congrats to Sarah!
A couple years ago they made me take a part in our Bible Camp skit. They called me clipboard Karla. That's how well I memorize lines.

Carla said...

Klipboard Karla