Friday, June 01, 2007

Zero Fat

As Sarah's bedtime routine was winding down, she grabbed her tiny girlthigh with her tiny girlhand and said,"Mom, this is fat." My mind screamed NNNNNOOOOO and I flashed back to me in 2nd grade when Steve called me fatty and my obsession began. I want better for my girl! I explained it wasn't fat, it was the skin and flesh of her thigh and God made her wonderfully. She told me a neighbor girl told her it was fat. I will call her Sheila. Sheila has some pretty whacked ideas, but that is what she is being taught, or caught I guess. The only fat that Sheila has is in her head.


dana said...

It's amazing to me, how young the body image issues start for girls. I remember being called fat in kindergarten. It was awful and I never forgot those words.

And I wasn't even fat!

Years later, yeah, I was a bit overweight...because I felt like I was always going to be that way.

Now, I worry about being healthy and not fat.

Carla said...

I read somewhere the average age a girl starts dieting is 8. ??!! I try to quiet all of those voices of the past-who wants to be controlled by a 2nd grader named Steve?(I wasn't fat either!!)
I am with you on being healthy, Dana!!

Shauna said...

I wish there was something we could do to instill healthy body image in girls at a young age. I would have been much happier and healthier if someone had done that for me.

Carla said...

I am going to keep doing what nobody did for me. Affirm my daughter-that no matter what she looks like, she is His creation and perfect in His sight. Praying she clings to that through the crud of middle school.

kristi noser said...

Good girl Carla!

Rhea said...

I sure hope you can help her not worry about fat. It's such an energy waster.