Saturday, June 16, 2007

Our Week

A review of the week seems in order as it was the first full week of no school. I will give you the highlights and the lowlights. Got my . the first day. The little boy's big pool had a hole in it. The little boy's little pool had a hole in it. Called husband sobbing about a pool for the boys. Patrick showed up with a pool AND goggles AND floatie things. Husband stayed long enough to shovel up two big piles of dog poop. We do not have a dog. Timothy emptied his shovel full of sand into Momma's tank top. Timmers pooped in the pool. Timmers fell on the edge of the pool and split his lip. Nathan went peepee outside thanks to the instruction of the big bro. Sarah had grown so she swam without her life jacket. Joshua had to pay Momma $1.00 for each episode of disrespect. I made $3.00! J and S were in timeout a gazillion times. Nathan said, "Momma, this is a big, betiful sun summer!" Sarah said, "I love my life!"

Summer school starts next week. So far, so summer.

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Absolutely Bananas said...

wow... sounds "fun" :) I am still in denial that we only have three(count em, THREE) days of preschool left. All that wide-open time; it's a scary thing!