Saturday, June 16, 2007


There are many signs of growth in children. We prod and push and try to be patient as they learn new things and tackle new challenges. Crawling, walking, potty training, getting and losing teeth, riding a bike, mowing the lawn, driving, graduating-to name a few. Bittersweet. I am not sure why but this one had me in tears. I wore Joshua's sandals all day yesterday.


Brillig said...

My youngest is just starting to grasp the basic concepts of walking--and it's killing me. With my other kids, I was so excited to see the next step. With this one, knowing that he's my last, I can hardly bear to watch how quickly he's growing up!!!

Carla said...

Timmers took 8 steps to Daddy before he plopped. I say the last one should BE the baby and STAY the baby.

kristi noser said...

It is a huge milestone when your children's feet are bigger than (or the same size as) yours. Eli passed me by a year ago...wahhhhh!