Monday, August 08, 2005


You have waited patiently to read how we acquired Griffen our cat.The wait is over!I wanted to give Patrick a special Fathers Day present. Joshua was 2. (I used to moan and groan about how hard it was to have one child!! What was I thinking?)
We went to the Humane Society in Woodbury..a lovely facility by the way!! It is very clean and the animals are well cared for. It was kitty heaven for me. I love kitties!! Their little faces and little sounds and tiny little bodies. Makes you almost squeeze too hard when you hold them. Kind of like shaking that bag with the goldfish in it, but I digress. Pat picked out a little thing and we went to the Getting to Know You room. This kitty went nuts!! It raced around the perimeter of the room at top speed, stopping only to jump at paint splotches on the wall. I was ready to Get To Know another kitten. Patrick said, "This is the cat I want!!" How long my mouth hung open I am not sure. I had never had a cat before, so I trusted Pats wisdom in the process. The only experience I had had up to that point was Pat's cat named Shadow, who was autistic. We adopted this female kitten and named it Brandy. The vet thought that was a rather silly name for a male kitten, so he became Griffen.
My favorite kitten stage lasted about a week and Griffen became a furry blob on the couch. He sleeps ALL DAY. He is a lover cat though and is most content sitting up high on someones chest under their chin-all 20 some pounds of him. Joshua tells me that Griffen would like a dog. I'll get right on that.
Oh, please pray for Griffen. We don't think he's saved yet and we really want a Christian cat.

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